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Review Izombie season 4

Stop reading if you haven’t watched season 1, 2 and 3! Spoilers ahead!

The world has turned upside town, or better yet, Seatlle has. The people in the city finally know about zombies and a lot of them even got turned into one. It’s up to Fillmore Graves to keep order. But what if their actions go against everything Liv Moore stands for…?

I’ve been a fan of this series for quite a while now. I even own all the comics (which are only four but oh well). So when, after waiting for way too long, it finally arrived at Netflix, I couldn’t wait to start watching it. The last season ended on quite a big cliffhanger, so I was pretty curious to see what they would come up with in this season.

Overall, the season had a good combination of the humor and good storyline which makes me like this series so much. The main storyline is getting more gruesome and heavier, which makes the story really interesting. On the other side, the concept of ‘eating brains and solving murders is slowly getting pretty boring in my opinion. It’s starting to feel like a lot of repetition, especially since she has already played so many types of people, that there isn’t anything new about them anymore.

The last few episodes were really interesting though. The main storyline got more focus, which I like way more and at moments it was more serious than funny, which is way better, in my opinion. I am glad there’s only one season left. I really like this series, but I think the quality would go down hard if they went and made another season. I can’t wait to find out what the makers have planned for the ending! No spoilers please!


What did you all think about the fourth season?

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

When four students find an old videogame they’ve never heard of, called Jumaji, they get sucked in. When they wake up, they are in a jungle, transformed in the characters that belong to the game. They have to play the game and win, especially when they find out that Game Over is meant literally…

I often heard about this movie, but I hadn’t really given it much attention. I thought it be one of those cliche funny movies that’s nice once and you forget all about it the day after. Then it came on Netflix and Nerdygeekyfanboy and decided to give it a chance.

And I’m so happy we did! It’s been long since the last time I laughed this hard. The four students take over the bodies of the game characters that are their exact oppposite. Like the timid Spencer, who takes over the body of main character Dr. Bravestone (Dwayne Johnson), the chosen one to save the jungle. One of his power moves is his sultry look. Every time I almost pied my pants, it was just hilarious.

But the absolute best thing about this movie was definitely Jack Black. His body gets taken over by a typical white girl and SHE. CAN’T. DEAL. He plays the role with so much conviction that you just really believe the white girl is in his body. His performance in this movie is amazing.

For the people who don’t watch movies just for the comedy, is this movie still a recommendation. The storyline is well thought through and the serious parts are perfectly woven into the humor. At moments it was seriously tensive. It’s not often that humor and an interesting storyline go hand in hand.

I was pleasantly suprised with this movie. I can’t wait to find out if the next movie is going to be as brilliant as the first one, but I am excited to find out!


Owlcrate Fear The Night Unboxing

It’s almost Halloween, so it is to expected that multiple bookish boxes would do a Halloween edition. Owlcrate is one of them. I have a subscription on Owlcrate, since I’m in desperate need of their Queen Of Nothing box and this was the only way to get it. That did mean I would also get this box. I didn’t really mind, since I kinda like Halloween materials, so let’s go!


The first thing was a little box with a trinket dish in it. I already had one from a former Fairyloot box and I don’t use that one, so I sadly don’t have a lot of use for this trinket dish. But the design is absolutely gorgeous. It’s made by Stella Bookish Art, a designer with a style I adore. I also really like the used quote, but if I’m really gonna use it, I wonder…

The second item were the fingerless gloves. I immediately got a flashback to my good old emo period where these kind of items were a fashion statement. I have a pretty cold room, so I might use them when I’m working in my home!

The third item, that you could also see in the last picture is the coffee. Even though the taste sounds absolutely delicious (you can wake me up for everything involving caramel), I don’t have a coffee machine in my home. Yes, I know you don’t exactly need one, so I’m thinking about using it without the machine, since I’m really curious to find out how it tastes. The coffee is from Bones Coffee Company.

The next item, which is probably my favorite, is the Glow In The Dark skull pin by Lapels and Spells. Owlcrate always has an enamel pin in their boxes and It’s always one of my favorite items in boxes. I love the amount of details enamel pin artist can get in such a small surface. And the glow in the dark part is such a fun extra!

There was also an art print in this box. I always love to see artists making gorgeous fan art, but I didn’t think this one was that special. Not because of the art style, which is pretty, but because it’s based on a quote from Ray Bradbury’s ‘Something Wicked This Way Comes, but it’s not something that really interests me. The artprint is made by Anne Lambelet Illustration.

In this box there wasn’t one, but two books! Next to the official book, there was also a Penguin Horror Classic in it. I was kinda hoping for Dracula or Frankenstein, but it was The Haunting of Hill House. I gotta be honest, I haven’t read this book yet, so it’s kinda a good thing that this one was the chosen book! And also, it’s curated by the amazing Guillermo del Toro, so it’s definitely going to be amazing!

The featured book in this box is The Bone Houses. This book is about Aderyn, who is a gravedigger and goes through a tough time since both her parents died. When Ellis, a map maker, comes in town, the awakened dead, also known as Bone Houses, get a new ferocity. Together they have to travel to find a solution to both their problems. This book isn’t one I would have bought for myself, but I am pretty interested in the story. I kinda like getting books in different genres, to find out if my tastes have changed overtime. So I can’t wait to start this book!

I was pretty suprised about how much I liked this box! I loved almost all items, even though some of the items I’m probably not gonna use (in the near future). My favorite item was defintely the enamel pin. It’s such a beauty. I kinda hoped that this box would have a candle, since that’s something I think would have been a befitting item. Maybe next time. I will also get Owlcrate’s next box, Dawn Of A New World, so I can’t wait to find out what’s going to be in that box!


The Grace Year

Written by Kim Liggett
Published by Wednesday Books

Girls have magical powers. The power to seduce men and other special traits. Before they turn sixteen, they get send to the woods to live there for a year and lose their magical powers. But before that happens, a few girls get chosen to marry men from the village. Tierney knows she will not be one of them and she is happy with that. She dreams about a world where women have a better life, in a worls where women aren’t allowed to dream. But when it’s time for her Grace Year, everything goes against what’s she had planned from the moment the girls get chosen for marriage. How can Tierney survive in the woods where she has to fear the poachers, who want to sell her skin on the black market, but also the other girls from the Grace Year…?

This book was…mindblowing. I was sold from the very first page. Before I started this book, I was worried that this would yet be another one of those feminist books where all men are evil, but this book wasn’t at all like that. The men from the village don’t know anything else from what they learned their whole life. Yes, there are quite a few evil men, but there also good men, with good intentions, which made this book way more realistic. This book has some major Hunger Games vibes, only this book is so much worse. There were literally scenes where I had to put the book down, because I felt nauseated.

Tierney is one of the best characters I’ve ever read about. A feminist woman in a male focused society is pretty terrible, but Tierney keeps on trying to do the right thing. Even when girls she considered her friends turn on her, she still helps them. She is caring, smart and just amazing. All of her actions were logical, even when you wish she did something else. I wish I could read more books about this girl!

What is a good book without a terrible villain? And boy (or girl), did Kim Liggett create a nasty villain. I haven’t despised a character for this much until Kiersten. Kiersten is a girl who is perfect and has it all, and makes it her live mission to ruin Tierney’s life and many others. Even though you get to know a bit more about her and it isn’t always her fault, you still hate her. I’ll be honest, I don’t wish it often, but throughout the book I seriously was hoping she would die. Whether that happens or not, I will not tell you all, of course 😉

The thing I liked most about this book were the revelations at the end. Throughout the whole book I often got mislead, which is something that doens’t happen to me often. At the end you get answers to questions you didn’t even know you asked. All loose ends are tied up nicely, which made me enjoy the book even more. I even thought about rereading this book, to find out if I could have seen some of the revelations coming, but my TBR didn’t let me, sadly…

What a terrible, heartbreaking, nauseating and gorgeous beauty this book was. I literally can’t wáit to see what Elizabeth Banks is going to do with the movie! I’m already looking forward seeing more of Tierney and have more hateful moments with Kiersten. Oh and the tissues are already waiting to be filled with tears, since there are quite a few cryworthy scenes in this book…


Review Stalking Jack The Ripper

Written by Kerri Maniscalco
Published by Little, Brown & Company

Audrey Rose Wadsworth is a curious lady. While other girls from her age and heritage are knitting and drinking thee, she’s dissecting corpses in secret. Normally no one would accept this, but her uncle has no choice. With a serial killer on the loose, all help is needed. Together with the smart, but arrogant Thomas Cresswell, they search for the killer. But what if he’s closer than you expected…

I was so hyped to finally start this series. So many people are fan and the blurb sounded amazing. It’s been a long time since I really read a good whodunnit. I’m a Sherlock fan, so it’s pretty hard to find a good one after that. And this one is definitely not it. 

There were definitely quite a few things good about this book. I loved the writing, it was gorgeous and really befitting of the story. Audrey was a character I really loved. Beautiful and feminine, but also curious and powerful. I really enjoyed her. Except for any interaction with Thomas Cresswell. 

I heard so many stories of people loving him, but he was anything but interesting. Such a typical self centered, arrogant and irritating guy. Even Sherlock himself has more charms than this guy has. And Audrey, powerful woman as she is, had many situations where she almost changed in one of those giggly girls around him. He had a few good scenes, but overall, I really did not like him. 

But the thing I was most dissatisfied with, was the culprit. I won’t spoil anything, but for me it was obvious who it was at 10% of the book. There was one culprit everyone was looking at, and it was so obviously that that wasn’t him, that I just wanted to skip all those parts. Which was like, half of the book. 

The reasoning of the deeds was pretty interesting, that I did not expect. But there were still so many loose ends. Like, you know why the culprit killed the women, but there was a terrible explanation about why it was so gruesome. It didn’t make any sense. 

The writing was so beautiful that I did like to read the book and Audrey is one of those characters I absolutely love. But Thomas? I don’t know at áll why people love him. But oh well, maybe it’s good we all got different tastes 😉. I don’t think I’ll read the second book anytime soon, but I did like the storyline. Let’s hope that the culprit keeps itself hidden a bit more this time.