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I think ACOFAS is amazing, and this is why.

I often hear people talking about A Court Of Frost And Starlight as a useless part of the ACOTAR storyline. And everyone is of course entitled to their own opinion, but I want to express my opinion of why I don’t agree with that statement. 

Don’t continue if you haven’t read the book yet! There will be spoilers!

The original trilogy of ACOTAR is a high fantasy full of action. ACOFAS isn’t. ACOFAS is about dealing with the aftermath of war, of dealing with trauma and loss and rebuilding your life. It hasn’t got any action, but instead gives us a deeper look in the thoughts and morals of the main characters, but also the ones that haven’t gotten that much screenplay. If you only like excitement and action, then no, this isn’t a book for you. 

Something I love about this book is that we get to know way more about the thoughts and history of Cassian. He often only got portrayed as a funny brute, and here we read more about his mother and why it’s important for him that more female Illyrians train. I loved that look into his head that shows us that he is so much more than just a cute brute. 

Even though Nesta annoys the living crap out of me, I really did like her parts in this book. She is someone who really can’t deal with her losses and lost the ability to feel. I think Sarah wrote her chapters really well, we really feel her desperation and the void she is feeling inside herself. 

But the best part about this book was definitely Feyre and her dealing with her trauma. Many people who underwent a serious trauma need to find a way to deal with it. And I really loved how throughout the book you see the steps she takes to deal with it by painting and in the end, help children to deal with it by being creative. I think this is such a good message from Sarah, to show survivors of any kind of trauma that being creative and trying to find a way to cope in any kind of way can be so important in a healing process.

Yes, for me the sex scene was a bit useless and not fitting with the rest of the story, but well, it’s Sarah, and where Sarah goes, smutty scenes follow 😉

For anyone who was looking forward to more action and excitement, this might not be your book. But for the people who realistically want to see how it is for people after a traumatic experience, this book might seriously be of value to you. And well, if you just like sex scenes, there’s also a way too, over the top, scene, so enjoy!