A year later: How to survive without Throne Of Glass…

A year later: How to survive without Throne Of Glass…

Throne of Glass is probably one of the series I have the biggest connection to, next to Alice In Wonderland. I discovered the series when the third book came out and I immediately fell in love. The world, the characters, the storyline, I loved it, and I still do. For years I enjoyed seeing the next book come out, and the next, and the next. But since 23 October 2018 the series is officially over. Yes, the World of Throne Of Glass is still coming, but the storyline is done. So this is a blog for everyone who finishes this perfect series one day and thinks WHAT NOW?!? Here some tips:

Reread. Again and again. I think I’ve reread the whole series around the four times now, with QoS as a highlight, which I have probably read around the 10 times now. No joke. That reunion scene is my go to place whenever I need some love. But a reread is always effective. And also, there’s a scene from Heir Of Fire that isn’t in the standard books, definitely read that one! It’s absolutely amazing and answers questions I know you all have about the origin of the Fire-Breathing Bitch Queen name. You can read this here.

Merchandise. Merchandise is something you can hold while you cry. Like prints, bookmarks, and my personal favorite: Funko’s. I sadly only have one TOG funko, but hopefully I get more one day. Then I can literally hold on to something 3D while crying. Which I will. Often.

Read other books in the same style. I know, you feel like nothing can ever compare to TOG, I totally get it. But we still have the ACOTAR series, which isn’t officially finished. There are also other books that I can definitely recommend. To Kill A Kingdom from Alexandra Christo is one of those. Fierce female characters? Check. Good fantasy storyline? Check. Hardheaded men? Check! The Shatter Me is also a recommendation. Juliette isn’t as awesome as Aelin in my opinion (but really, who even is?), but the storyline is amazing and definitely has some veeeeery interesting men ;). And one that’s still very new, but also has all the points above, is A Curse So Dark And Lonely. Check it out if you love Beauty And The Beast in a way awesomer world.

And last, but not least, try to accept. Yes, it’s hard. Yes, I also still cry and eat ice-cream after Kingdom Of Ash. But what was it a good ending of an amazing series. Yes, it wasn’t perfect, but what even is? I couldn’t have asked for a better ending. Even though I’m still not over the deaths. Fans, you all know what I mean… *grabs tissue and ice-cream*

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ReadinginsideabelljarPosted on3:58 pm - okt 23, 2019

I really do not appreciate the jab at Juliette but it’s true though!😂

I bought ToG the day QoS was released and finished ToG the very same day! Another good recommendation for fans of ACoTaR: An Enchantment of Ravens. For Throne of Glass fans: Furyborn trilogy by Claire Legrand or the Snow Like Ashes trilogy by Sara Raasch.

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