Book recommendations for Halloween

Book recommendations for Halloween

For everyone who would rather spend Halloween at home with a good book, here are a few recommendations that bring you into that Halloween vibe, without even going outside!

Nevernight is definitely one of my recommendations. It’s like Hogwarts on steroids and it had shadow’y cats. What else do you want? The story revolves around Mia Corvere, whose family got killed and wants to take revenge, but before she can do it, she has to learn all the best techniques at the Red Church. But entering isn’t the biggest issue, surviving the school is…

One of my all time favorite horror writers is Christina Henry. I’m an intense Alice in Wonderland fan, so when I found her horror version, I had to have it. And it’s so creepy and amazing. Just be prepared, after this Alice in Wonderland story, you will never be so hyped for a tea party ever again. And for the people who love it, there’s also a second book ánd a novella with 4 stories in the same world is coming out April 2020!

Another recommendation is A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder. This amazing thriller follows Pippa, who decides to research a closed case of a murder that happened five years ago. This case was easily closed, since the police had evidence that her boyfriend killed her and then committed suicide. But what if that’s not really what happened…? This thrilling murder mystery sets you on a different path every page and keeps you thrilled until the last page!

For the people who also loved Alice, we have Dorothy Must Die. This retelling of the Wizard Of Oz, is about a girl from Kansas, but not thé girl from Kansas. Amy Gumm gets taken away from Kansas and ends up in Oz. But Oz looks different then she expected. Everything is upside down. And it’s all Dorothy’s fault. Amy has been recruited and has only one mission. Dorothy. Must. Die. This apocalyptic Oz story is totally different than you expect. It’s exciting, crazy and harsh. So walk over that yellow Brick Road and be amazed. And don’t forget: Wicked is Good and Good is Wicked…

And last, but not least, we have a spot-on horror novel that’s perfect for the fans of Pretty Little Liars. This story follows the identical twin Ava and Lexi. When they were younger, they made up a third twin, Alicia, who was always to be blamed when something went wrong. Now they are grown-up and a guy ended up dead, with Alicia as a suspect. Which of the twin did it, or might it be that Alicia is real…? This book keeps you on your toes and makes you even second guess yourself. Be careful with imaginary persons, before you know it, they might turn out to be real…

So get yourself a good book and settle down on the couch. But remind yourself to close the windows. You never know what might fly in on Halloween. And don’t ever, EVER start a tea party…

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MoniquePosted on11:27 pm - dec 27, 2019

Thank you for the recommendations♥️ i’m a halloween fan and i love to read so good combination!

Btw my insta name is mo_mish_mash 😘

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