Unboxing Illumicrate The Cruel Prince box

Unboxing Illumicrate The Cruel Prince box

I was a bit scared about this box after my dissapointment with the Owlcrate box. But Illumicrate blew me away. I bought this box knowing that there would be three dustjackets in it, illustrated by one of my favorite illustrators: Rosiethorns88. But even without these, this box would have been amazing. I was already blown away when the box came in. It was so big!! And it was needed, because this box was so full!

The first, and biggest item in this box was the blanket. It’s so incredibly soft! I just want to snuggle under it and never come out. The design is simple, but still gorgeous! It’s made by Yoshi Yoshitani.

The next item, literally blew me away. These book-ends are incredibly useful and so. Freaking. Beautiful. I am still over the moon. I cleaned out half a shelf in my bookcase to show these off. It’s made by the amazing Noverantale.

I am a sucker for pins, so I love this beautiful one from Fable and Black. It’s probably the biggest pin I’ve ever seen. The design fits the last book perfectly. And it fits nicely on the next item!

Bags are often in book boxes and normally they get never used by me. But this one is a different case! First: the design is beautiful and I love the design by Alice Duke. But the best thing about this bag is probably that it has a zipper! I lose stuff pretty easily, so this is perfect for me. And the pin looks sooo good on it. Can’t wait to use it!

You can never have too much artwork. And Illumicrate proves that with this amazing bookmarkset made by the freaking amazing artist Merwild. All the important characters are given a beautiful face by this artist. Even though Locke and Tarquin don’t deserve it. If there’s one bad thing I can say about this, is that the bookmarks are on one side brandmarked with artwork © Holly Black, without the name of the illustrator. I really am against that. I understand that it’s Holly’s story, but don’t take the artist rights.

And now for the reason I bought this box: The dust jackets. I already expected them to be great, but I didn’t expect this. The quality is beautiful and I love the structure between shiny and not. And the design… Rosiethorns88 outdid herself. I love all three of them and I immediately have started using them!

And last, but definitely not least, the gorgeous edition from The Cruel Prince. It’s beautiful and the quality is great! I love the handsigned bookplate and the green sprayed edges fits the book perfectly.

This box is all I wanted and more. I love love LOOOOVE artwork, and this was the perfect box for that. All the items are great and the designs are a sight for sore eyes. I could not have asked for a better box. I love the dustjackets so much, but my favorite item is definitely the book-ends. I am blessed and so happy with this box. So, thank you Illumicrate!

Which item do you like the most?

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