Unboxing Owlcrate Dawn of a New World box

Unboxing Owlcrate Dawn of a New World box

So, I had a subscription on Owlcrate, since I REALLY NEED that Queen Of Nothing box. So that’s why I got the last Fear The Night box. You can find my unboxing here. But I accidentally was too late with ending my subscription (since I don’t have money…) and now I also got this one. And boy, was I glad I got it. Since it has my favorite item EVER.


Let’s start by the beginning. When the box arrived, I kinda cried. It was totally busted up and I was like, WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO MEEEE. But okay. Continue. The first item in the box was a book tin, inspired by the Illuminae files from Jay Kristoff. It’s made by Stella Bookish Art, a designer I absolutely love. The design is definitely gorgeous, but I haven’t read this series yet, but my boyfriend has it, so maybe I’ll shove it up on my endless TBR.

The second item, I didn’t love all that much. There was a set of three magnetic bookmarks by Craftedvan, inspired by the comic series Saga. Even though I am interested in the comics, I really don’t like the design of these bookmarks, so I was a bit disappointed.

But the next item, boy did I love it. I literally SQUEALED. I don’t do that often, but I’m definitely a sucker for necklaces and I LOVE The Lunar Chronicles, so I am so incredibly happy with this FREAKING GORGEOUS necklace by Iron And Ink Designs. I am still blown away by it. Did put another necklace on it, since I like my necklaces short.

Here was another item I was a bit unimpressed by. First, because it’s totally folded, but second, I really don’t like the design. It’s a bit too much. Would have loved to see a beautiful rainbow colored sticker and not this futuristic style, but I do admit that it fits the theme. Not the book though. It’s made by Blanca Montiel, which disappointed me even more, since her designs are normally beyond gorgeous.

And now for the books. I always like to be suprised by the books, so I did not know which books would be in there. But I gotta say, I wasn’t dissapointed at all! I really like that both books are indeed Sci-Fi, but one was more contemporary and the other more high fantasy. But both of them are queer! I really think there should be more queer books, so I love that.

The first book was ‘I hope you get this message’ by Farah Naz Rishi. Life as we know it may end in seven days, since the earth has been contacted by aliens from the planet Alma, and they might not be all that friendly. With only seven days to face their truths and right their wrongs, Jesse, Cate, and Adeem’s paths collide even as their worlds are pulled apart. This book has a really pretty cover and the cutest author note I’ve ever seen. BUT, that’s not it. This book has an awesome bookstyle hidden under the dustjacket. I loved this little detail, it makes the book look even better!

The second book is Crier’s War by Nina Varela. The Automae have enslaved the humans. Lady Crier, perfect daughter of the sovereign king and Automae, is prepped to take over, but she is terrified for the people to find out she isn’t all that perfect. Her handmaiden, the human Ayla, has been plotting to kill Crier, to take revenge on the king. But when the two spend more and more time together, their feelings take a whole other level. Can a human/android relationship survive in a time of war? This book…I. Love. It. I had not heard about it before, but it sounds so freaking good. I cannot wait to start reading this book. The cover is just stunning!

With the books, there were also two enamel pins. I love the fact that Owlcrate always has an enamel pin for each book in their boxes. One I liked more than the other. The heart was so pretty and so obviously befitting for Crier’s War. The second one did not really feel as an enamel pin, but just a standard pin. It didn’t really give the uniqueness enamel pins usually have, and the other pin did have. It could be also a pin that is being sold in your nearest music shop. They were made by The Enchanted Bookshop.

Officially, there would have been another item, inspired by Heart of Iron, written by Ashley Poston, who is one of my favorite authors. Was a bit disappointed that this item would not be in the box anymore, but oh well, the box was still great! I was definitely surprised about the quality of this box. Not everything was my taste, but that’s something you will always have. But the necklace. I literally am never gonna take it of. Expect for when I sleep, since I am the móst clumsy person, and I’m sure I will impale myself on this necklace then…

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